DNS over TLS (DoT)

Each DNS server has an DoT endpoint at dot.{{location}}.pi-dns.com that supports encrypted DNS over TLS on port 853.
All DoT endpoints are listed below.

Central Europe

TLS Auth Name: dot.centraleu.pi-dns.com
IPv6: 2a01:4f8:1c0c:8233::1
Port: 853

North Europe

TLS Auth Name: dot.northeu.pi-dns.com
IPv6: 2a01:4f9:c01f:4::abcd
Port: 853

West USA

TLS Auth Name: dot.westus.pi-dns.com
IPv6: 2a04:bdc7:100:70::abcd
Port: 853

East USA

TLS Auth Name: dot.eastus.pi-dns.com
IPv6: 2a0d:5600:33:3::abcd
Port: 853

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